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Do you love playing D&D, but are having trouble finding a DM to run games for your local or online friend group? Perhaps you should consider hiring me as your professional DM...

Why Hire a Dungeon / Game Master?

D&D is a game that has very few barriers to learn, but can often feel intimidating to try for a variety of reasons. A professional DM could be just the thing you're looking for if...

  • You and your friends want to play D&D in a safe environment, but have no local options.

  • You only have one friend who DMs, and you want to run them through a fun one shot adventure as a nice break.

  • You want to see if D&D would be a fun hobby to get into, but aren’t quite sure how it would work for your friend group.

  • Your friend group would love to test out some character concepts, but don't want to stress your local DM out with any more work

  • You’re looking to leave your mark on a persistent world where your actions will have an effect on other players.


What Kind of Games Do I Run?

I focus on running sessions using Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition - or D&D 5E. It's the most recently updated version of the game, and has plenty of source material for players to reference.

While there are plenty of settings and pre-made campaigns for adventures DMs to use, I prefer to create unique worlds for my players to explore. The majority of my adventures in a homebrew world setting called Teldramir.

Teldramir is a fantasy world designed for multiple player groups to impact a shared story where player choices shape the world over time. To learn more about this unique fantasy setting, you can download my New Player Guide. 

Who Can Play?

I run adventures over the internet and in the real world! If you're comfortable with playing online, my sessions are typically held remotely over Discord, in private voice chat channels with no stress about turning on cameras or navigating programs. All you need to do is hop into chat, have your character ready, and get set to roll some dice!

D&D is a game for all ages - and while I'm confident and experienced in running virtual sessions for young adults and older teens, we may need to talk about additional prep time required for younger adventurers. 


How Much Will My Sessions Cost?

A single session costs 20 USD / Per Player, and guarantees a 3-4 hour adventure. Session length can vary depending on the kind of adventure your group would like to play - but those expectations will be discussed prior to the start of your game.

Where Can You Sign Up?

Contact me! A big part of D&D is learning what kind of adventure and experience your party expects to have. After we discuss your goals I can offer several unique adventures that your party may enjoy!

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