Though far from a complete work history, this should give you a great idea of what I've been up to over the years!

Rolled and Told, Contributing Writer
Sept 2019
A short one-shot adventure designed for players of any skill level, complete with its own items and a unique enemy. A future contribution will include editorial for GMs looking to spice up their monsters to go against players who have practically seen it all.

Folklore, Writer / Creator
​2016 - Present

A post-apocalyptic superhero horror comic, Folklore's premise is far simpler than suggested by its multiple genres. Illustrated and co-developed by the brilliantly talented Colin Tan Wei. Folklore updates once a week, and is currently published via Hiveworks Comics.

Digital Extremes, Warframe, Community Editorial Coordinator
2014 - 2016
A fun and versatile writing role, fueled and inspired by the needs of Warframe's passionate community. As Editorial Coordinator I was responsible for a wide range of work, such as behind-the-scenes editorial, developer/community interviews, weekly patch notes, social media copy, product descriptions, and other various tasks., Features Editor & North American PR Associate
2009 - 2014
My first official online publication, mostly focused on mainstream games. In addition to regularly generating editorial content, I provided reviews and regular updates on industry news. This included a fair bit of speculation, but I had plenty of freedom to dive into more sensitive industry subjects. These often focused on diversity, relationships, and the constantly evolving frontier of online communities.
Incredibly Relevant Skills
  • Knowledgeable in social media.

  • Creative and enthusiastic.

  • Great with dogs!

  • Never mains a Shoto in Street Fighter.

  • Able to maintain a 2:1 KD ratio in most FPS games.

Games I Promise I Have Completed
  • Metal Gear Solid 3

  • At least two Kingdom Hearts titles

  • House of the Dead 2

  • Advance Wars Dual Strike

  • Dark Souls 2

  • A legit D&D campaign story arc, just believe me on this. 

I Swear I Barely Watch Anime
  • Cowboy Bebop. See that's a normal one.

  • Zeta Gundam, nothing strange here.

  • I only watched Sword Art Online ironically you gotta believe me.

  • Please stop reading.

  • Alright, fine, all of Naruto.

  • Yeah some of Boruto too, but I quit OK? I'm clean now.