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See something that interests you? You can find digital and print copies of my personal stories over on my Ko-Fi page!
Splinterverse's Swarms of the Multiverse | Writer, Contributor

A contribution on how to create unique kinds of environments that consist entirely of swarming entities. This includes specific mechanics for a variety of obstacles, and suggestions on how a DM would navigate using such an environment in their own campaign.

You can purchase a digital copy of Swarms of the Multiverse here!
When Other People Saw Us, They Saw The Dead | Writer, Contributor
Author of Acheron's Lesson, a short story following a grieving lover attempting one final act to reunite with their beloved. 
You can purchase digital and physical copies of this gothic anthology here.

Incredibly Relevant Skills
  • A TTRPG player since AD&D.

  • Creative and enthusiastic.

  • Great with dogs!

  • Never mains a Shoto in Street Fighter.

  • Has never used an infinite combo in Commander.

Games I Promise I Have Completed
  • Metal Gear Solid 3

  • At least two Kingdom Hearts titles

  • House of the Dead 2

  • Advance Wars Dual Strike

  • Dark Souls 2

  • A legit D&D campaign story arc, just believe me on this. 

I Swear I Barely Watch Anime
  • Cowboy Bebop. See that's a normal one.

  • Berserk, but the 90s one! 

  • Zeta Gundam. It's a classic, can't blame me there!

  • I only watched Sword Art Online ironically, you gotta believe me.

  • Demon Slayer is pretty great.

  • Please stop reading.

  • Fine, all of Naruto.

Splinterverse's Feywild Companion, The Five Lords of Shadewillow Pond | Writer, Contributor
A one shot adventure for a party levels 1-4, using D&D 5E. This project included multiple items, fully completed NPC/monster stat blocks, rewards, and suggestions for how to evolve a session using this narrative after its completion.
You can purchase a digital copy of the Feywild Companion here!

Full Circle Cover Half Size JPEG.jpg
Full Circle | Writer, Creator
Annie Langston’s life has been a bit off as of late. Her peers don’t respect her, her day job is hardly rewarding, and something major just feels missing from her life. To make matters worse, the hungering, forgotten god she worships has stopped responding to her prayers. What's a young cultist to do?
Full Circle contains two short stories following pivotal moments in Annie’s life as she navigates the events that define those first steps into adulthood: Parties, new friendships, rude ghosts, ritual know, the occasions that matter.
Cover by Angela O'Hara

Folklore | Writer, Creator
2016 - Ongoing
A devastating weapon mutates many of the world's greatest superheroes into horrific abominations. The rest are stripped of their power, forced to wander in the aftermath of their chaotic war.  
A band of survivors brought together by chance decide to try and make the world right again. Led by a man who was once Earth's greatest champion, they follow a trail of clues across a radically altered North America -- all while being hunted by twisted reflections of the heroes who once protected them.

Illustrated by Colin Tan Wei

Folklore: Side Stories | Writer, Creator
2017 - Ongoing

A former sheriff searches for a lost girl in a community torn by distrust.


A former soldier robbed of his gift finds himself uniquely equipped to hunt a vicious beast.


An elderly woman is trapped in a mall after a supernatural disaster.

Through these side stories we catch a glimpse of the world beyond Folklore's main plot. From normal, everyday people to de-powered superhumans, each short tale lends a unique perspective on those trying to make a living after the collapse of the Federation and the spread of Afflicted across the world.

Cover Shown: Dustfall, Illustrated by Bailie Rosenlund

Rolled and Told, Editorial and 5E Adventure Module | Writer, Contributor
Sept 2019

Writer / designer of The demon of Queen's Haven, a short but thrilling one-shot adventure, and a helpful article for storytelling Dungeon/Game Masters of any skill experience. 

This experience included items, stat blocks, descriptive text, and a map layout of the surroundings for ease of play.

Warframe | Community Editorial Coordinator
2014 - 2016

In addition to providing profile spotlights on members of the developer team and behind-the-scenes breakdowns of upcoming content, I filled various editorial roles when necessary. This included marketing product descriptions, update notes, and news.

Most notably the written 'voice' behind Cephalon Cordylon, a dry-witted AI tasked with answering Tenno questions about the universe at large. Probably as a punishment.

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